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Who Would You Rather Work With?
A Corporate Enemy
Or A Corporate Friend?

Every Great Leader Has A Professional Friend By Their Side

 Studies show that having a "professional friend" at work has become more important since the start of the pandemic, even considering the dramatic increase in remote and hybrid work.


What Kind Of Environment Are You Creating?

Internal Investigator Encourages Building Professional Friendships In The Workplace

Who Do I Help?

Professionals who value and understand how friendships impact their personal and professional lives.

The Executives

If anyone has a moral compass for your company, it would be the CEO and C-Suite executives. You know all too well how meaningful relationships are and how they have helped build your company from scratch. We can't lose sight of our humble beginnings and need to ensure that we empower our leaders with the core values that will keep your business successful!

The Managers

Going beyond the SOP starts with leaders who celebrate and champion professional friendships at work. Teams learn the norms and behavioral cues from their managers and leaders who are the frontliners for what your company represents and wants to build.  However, we can not forget that this is your varsity team!

The Team Players

Your team members are waiting and counting on you and your leaders to pave the social way as they conquer all of the business milestones and goals your company aspires to accomplish with creativity and cohesion. Hands-on training that includes Leader and team interaction always break the ice, but the key here is promoting team players that understand the importance of all players needed to win!


What Type Of Work Friend Are You?

Samantha D. Liberal’s training, workshops, and programs help leaders, supervisors, and managers use professional friendship building as a leadership strategy to: 

  • Boost employee/ team engagement

  • Boost employee/team retention

  • Enhance job satisfaction 

  • Increase productivity

Engaging activities include personalized assessments, quizzes, and discovering/understanding personality types and how they can work together harmoniously.

Partner with us to create an environment where relationships thrive.

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Samantha D. Liberal

Meet The Friendship Enthusiast

Helping people build amazing friendships both personally and professionally.

As a highly prolific and knowledgeable Friendship Coach, Samantha D. Liberal is passionate about helping organizations and businesses achieve greatness by incorporating and building professional friendships in the workplace as a strategy.


With a professional background in internal investigations, speaking, social consultant, and author, she runs Friendly Hills Academy, a training/teaching business.


Samantha works closely with decision makers such as leaders, managers, HR, recruiters, and business owners towards improving relationships in the business world, boosting job satisfaction and productivity amongst their peers in corporate and institutional settings.

Work Is Better With Friends

“Peer-to-Peer relationships aren’t just a "school" thing, it's a "success" thing and has proven to affect our performance professionally for many years"

- Samantha D. Liberal

Friendly Hills Academy

Corporate Friendship Training

An exciting, enthusiastic, and interactive training that was formulated as a resource to encourage and inspire your team to connect, reconnect and stay connected. Samantha D. Liberal uses her expertise and corporate-based experience to lighten up the room and break the office social barriers for company success despite different personality types and team settings.

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