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Friendships may start at the workplace, but they don't have to end there.

Samantha D. Liberal

Internal Investigator, Speaker, Author, Friendship Coach, and friend!

Samantha work's as a social consultant focuses on helping people to cultivate resilience and build healthier relationships and more connected lives. Samantha works with businesses and organizations on projects and initiatives related to their staff and clients' social connection and professional development. She also shares her expertise with companies looking to build and sustain engaged communities and better understand their people.

Samantha's engagements include marketing and corporate social responsibility campaigns, leadership and mentorship training and development, and corporate wellness programs. She incorporates life-changing principles, practical steps, and assessments through her Friendly Methodology training. As a speaker and consultant, Samantha leads as a keynote speaker on panels at events collaborating with empowerment organizations for corporate advancement. Samantha believes that friendships are essential professionally, just as they are personally.

A graduate of Florida State University with active membership and leadership roles in several social organizations, Samantha approaches business from a broader and unique perspective. She loves writing, teaching, and learning from others. She hopes to encourage and inspire people to embrace professional friendships through her writings and training in the academy. Samantha also plans to use her journalist and TV personalities to help bridge the gap between making friends and divinely keeping them! Her unmatched creativity and friendly personality have helped her establish herself as the ultimate Friendship Expert.

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